Author: Mikhail YURYEV
The year of publishing: 2007/2018
Pages: 654
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Russian language

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What is the Third Empire?

The world is infinitely far from justice. His current device has ceased to suit everyone. Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. America promises to do the same with Iran. Muslims burn the suburbs of Paris. All countries are tightening immigration laws. The Japanese, considering themselves to be the highest Asian race, despise China. But China is objectively a future superpower. Blacks slaughter each other in Africa ... This has already happened in the twentieth century in world history, when all countries and peoples were dissatisfied with their position and each other - on the eve of the First World War. And the second ... therefore? The Third World War is inevitable, as the inevitable new device of the world at the end of this war! About what kind of war it will be and how this world will be arranged after it is exciting, detailed, even meticulously, convincingly and boldly described by Mikhail Yuryev in his new book, The Third Empire. The world will be divided between the five superpowers, says M. Yuryev. And Russia is one of them.

The economic model proposed in the “Third Empire” is the only way, consistent with sound economic theory, to organize the economy on principles that are not based on mortal sin — the pursuit of limitless profit.

Mikhail Leontyev

TV host and publicist.

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