Author: Roman VASILISHIN
The year of publishing: 2019
Pages: 232
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Russian language

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This book is the first in a series of works in the framework of the Doctrine of the Supernew Testament. Its task is to help the largest possible number of people entering the era of the Great Social Genocide to learn how to preserve, improve and maintain their own health at a high level. And not just to support, but to do it consciously, competently and actively in the conditions of the collapse of the state health care system and the enforced planting of paid medical treatment.

People for the most part poorly comprehend the surrounding reality. They perceive themselves mechanically as a piece of animated rational flesh. Most of them, from the very moment of birth, have never been healthy.

Citizens consider their illnesses to be inevitable companions, and therefore do not fight them selflessly, as aggressors and invaders, but resist them in between times, waving as the cow waves its tail away from the annoying flies. Worse. Citizens basically shift their concern for their health onto the shoulders of strangers - medical workers. However, doctors, like their patients, have never been healthy, they know nothing about health, and in life they do not intersect with healthy people. Doctors do not save people from diseases, but simply muffle their most unpleasant manifestations. And the overwhelming majority of citizens do not even realize that their every illness is a source of prosperity of influential groups of the national and global elite, doing everything possible so that in the body of our average person generously multiplied and wildly eared various and numerous ailments.

On the pages of this book you will learn what real health is, what conditions are required for a person to become completely healthy, or at least keep himself within acceptable limits.

After reading this book, you can competently solve the most important tasks facing you in the way of gaining iron health and excellent well-being:

  1. You will know exactly which wellness stages you must go through and in what order to arrange them.
  2. You can make your own good, wellness program, or choose the most convenient one from the mass of existing proven healing systems.

Representing the creation of a wellness program, for example ...

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