Author: Sergey SUHONOS
The year of publishing: 2018
Pages: 224
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Language is Russian, color.

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The book discusses the systematic basis of beauty - it is symmetry and harmony in all their types of diversity and how they are common in animate and inanimate nature. Revealed a clear relationship of symmetry and harmony with the stability of objects and processes. It is concluded that what is considered beautiful is that which is reliable, orderly and stable.

It is shown that the main criterion of beauty for a person is harmony. On its basis all organisms of the planet are built. Symmetry only complements harmony, ensuring the stability of interaction with the external inert environment. The excess of symmetry that is used in modern culture is a consequence of the primitiveness of the beginning of the next phase of the formation of the technosphere and the Society as a whole.

The main basis of harmony is the proportion and its continuation - geometric progression. In nature, thanks to this, there are discrete spectra of dimensions, frequencies, and other parameters, the relationship between which specifies either the golden proportion, or the consonance sounds. This shows that the basis of beauty is the quantization of all parameters.